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Your #1 Spot for Experiences Around the Little Miami Scenic Trail

This is the site for all the fun vibes around the Little Miami Scenic Trail and River. Find the best outdoor experiences, breweries, delicious spots to eat, shopping, or even stay the night. Follow along the path with me!

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Pathside Vibes originated over three years ago, undergoing a few name changes, following our relocation from Northern Kentucky to the Loveland area. My husband and I fell in love with the charm, atmosphere and community along the trail. I realized the area was underrated, and underexposed. 

After staying at home with a newborn during a pandemic my only safe escape were walks along the bike path and the places alongside it. The beauty and connection around the trail is something that makes you feel like you're on a vacation. Whether you're enjoying something sweet in Loveland, a beer in Milford, or a glass of wine in Morrow, there is so much to experience along the way. 

This social media platform is dedicated to showcasing small businesses and experiences along the Little Miami Scenic Trail and beyond. Your number one spot for all the fun vibes, including food + drinks, shopping, family fun adventures and great places to stay along the way. Get your business on the Right Path with my personalized 1:1 Marketing/PR services aimed at driving growth.

-Courtney Kraemer

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